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Neo-Science and Group is a trusted provider of high quality solutions and services to the Analytical Proteomics and Metabolomics Science, Life Science (Genomics) Research, Life Science Diagnostics & Informatics. We offer one stop solutions to meet the changing needs of the clinical and scientific community. Neo-Science is incorporated by founding member and CEO Nadia Abu Hijleh. We are headquartered in Qatar which enables us to operate effectively across the Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain Oman and other Middle East Countries. Neo-Science consolidates, Neoscience Saudi (GSL), Neoscience Qatar (QSC), and Neoscience Kuwait (KSC) The Company has a strong presence across the GCC region with main focus on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. Neo-Science employs around 100
qualified professionals and has acquired a solid reputation for delivering innovative products integrated solutions and professional support across Analytical Proteomics and Metabolomics Science, Life Science (Genomics) Research, Life Science Diagnostics & Informatics.


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New Products and Services, supplied by Neo-Science & Group, propel major advances in healthcare and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, and academia. These advances empower healthcare professionals and researchers to understand complex biological systems, cell protein, and gene level {diagnostic 8 research). We respond to the requirements of emerging research by supplying a new generation of innovation in Science, Energy Materials, Environment, Chemistry, and Food and Agriculture in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience. We provide our clients with the opportunity to perform their work using the most modern and sophisticated technology available. Informatics Solutions provides a laboratory information
Management System {HMS}, laboratory information system (LIS) and Hospital information System (His) that consistently meets our clients’ expectations. Our clients are guaranteed to receive 190% an-time service as well as 100% accurate updates on developments.

Neo Science & Group, a proven and trusted Laboratory Solutions Provider. offers a wide
range of services and products to clients in Chemical Analysis, Analytical Proteomics and
Metabolomics, Nanotechnology, life Science, and Healthcare.



Neo Science & Group Co. continues to build upon its exclusive base of clients and expand its broad base of installed instruments and key accounts. it persists in the dedicated provision of solutions for today’s ever-complex life science and analytical questions.

Neo-Science & Group Co. takes pride in its legacy of nearly a decade of innovation, safety,
service, social commitment and dedication, while consistently emphasizing business advantages
for laboratory dependent organizations. We maintain an operating philosophy that develops
an atmosphere and culture conducive to ingenuity and initiative. Pioneering ideas are fostered,
which can be refined into solid business plans delivering added value to our clients.



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University of Sharjah


Collaborated with BGI Genomics


Co Ltd for Genomics Research &



Maternal Cancer Detection From


Noninvasive Prenatal Screening


Results Improved by Algorithm

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Researchers from BGI-Shenzhen, Xin Hua Hospital's Center for Clinical Genetics in Shanghai, and elsewhere have developed a computational approach for more accurately identifying maternal cancers in pregnant women with multiple chromosomal aneuploidies found by noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS).

MGI Prepares to Sell Sequencers in


North America, Europe;


Announces Proprietary Sequencing



NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – MGI Tech, the instrument division of China's BGI, is preparing to enter the North American and European markets with its sequencing platforms and technologies, possibly through a partner in the US. By the end of this year, the firm hopes to be ready to compete with Illumina, which has dominated the global sequencing market for years, on data quality, cost, and service in these territories

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